Risk Warning

Trading with Binary Options and other financial instruments, like Contracts for Difference (CFDs), Futures (Forex), shares, certificates and bonds contain a high level of financial risk. For this reason, trading is not suitable for every investor.

Before you decide on a broker listed on finance-check.net, you should firstly check your own financial situation, as well as your trading motivations and own knowledge and expertise. You can find general information and advice on finance-check.net. These, however, do not take into consideration your own circumstances or financial situation. That means that you should not take the content of this website as a personal recommendation.

There is always a direct correlation between high returns and high risk. Every type of trading or speculation of financial products, which enable you to make very large profits, will normally also consist of a very high risk. That means you should be aware that previous profits will not guarantee future positive results. Additionally, positive results on so-called demo accounts with virtual capital, do not guarantee the same when trading with real assets and money.

Trading with particular financial products can result in you losing a portion or the whole amount of your capital. Some brokers may also charge an additional payment in combination with some financial products. This charge can be potentially in excess of your own capital. Therefore, you should always consult your broker in advance about their trading terms and conditions. For this reason, you should never risk capital which you cannot afford to lose.

In addition, you should be aware of all potential risks involved when trading with a leverage. Leverage trading allows you to multiply your own capital to use in trading. This capital is not only for Forex, Futures and CFD trading. finance-check.net recommends that you consult an independent expert advisor in case of any doubt.

Market Opinions and Analysis by finance-check.net

All information, analyses, research results, tests, prices and reports should be considered as general commentaries and not as investment advice. finance-check.net is not liable for any financial losses indirectly or directly resulting from any published information.

Risks with Online Trading

There are always various risks involved when using web-based trading programmes or online brokers. These include problems with your software and hardware, as well as your internet connection. We cannot guarantee the working condition of the presented offers of the various brokers listed by finance-check.net. We are also not liable for your internet connection, equipment configuration or the connectivity of the broker. We are not responsible for any delays, disconnections or distortions that may occur while trading with one or more of the brokers listed on finance-check.net.

Accuracy of Information

The content of our website can be changed at any time and without notice. It should only be used to help traders make an independent and informed decision. finance-check.net has effective safeguards in place to help ensure all published information is as accurate as possible. However, finance-check.net cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. finance-check.net is also, therefore, not liable for any financial losses directly or directly caused by the information published.


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