Which stocks should investors be buying in 2018?

Investors can earn a lot of money through stocks – but only if they bet on the right “horse”. Analysts, experts and experienced investors lead the way time and again in this regard by observing the markets and making decisions accordingly. We will show you which shares are recommended by experts and which are trending in 2018, as well as how you can profit from rising share prices using an online broker (top 10 providers).

Which shares are worth your while and which are not?

Analyse the stock markets – predict developments & trends

Every year, you will find shares that are recommended by several analysts, experts or investment banks. Should the anticipated trend prevail on the stock markets, then the securities can really skyrocket. Many emerging securities initially have no or low dividends, are highly volatile, and produce little profit. Not every promising trend prevails, and some stocks simply take a little longer.

Example: Symantec share (ISIN 879358)

Due to the growing fear of cyber attacks, better and better protection programmes are needed. The manufacturer Symantec has recognised the way the wind is blowing and has positioned its software accordingly. As a result of the negative trend (growing fear), Symantec shares were able to increase in value by over 24 percent. There are plenty of examples similar to this scenario.

Tip: Investors can also take advantage of negative trends to earn money on the stock market.

Many experts can predict shares trends.


Which shares in German companies are trending in 2018?

Warren Buffet and other counter-cyclical investors rely on undervalued stocks. A German company that meets the criteria of these investors is BMW. Since the end of 2016, the price of the BMW share (ISIN 519000) has hardly moved. Due to the company’s model offensive, strong balance sheet and high profitability, many experts recommend buying the share. The price of the BMW share could rise from 85 Euros to over 110 Euros. In addition, investors will also benefit from high dividends. (Trade in the share now)

Despite the exhaust emissions scandal, the Volkswagen share (ISIN 766403) is very much in demand and could increase in value. Due to the massive investments they have made in electro mobility, many experts, such as Barclays Bank and the Bernecker Börsenkompass,predict that the company’s share price will rise. From around 180 euros , the Volkswagen security could rise to more than 220 euros(Trade in the share now)

Remember: Counter-cyclical investors invest in undervalued stocks.

Volkswagen’s aim is to become Number 1 amongst electric car manufacturers.


Which international securities could be profitable in 2018?

Thanks to the ever-increasing role of technologies such as cloud technology, the price of the Microsoft share (ISIN: 870747) is on the rise. In just one year, the security rose from 62 to 91 euros. Experts are certain that the share will remain popular. From April to June 2018, revenue increased by more than 17 percent to 30 billion dollars – another indicator of rising share prices. (Trade in the share now)

Many experts are certain that the Samsung share is favourably valued and highly profitable. From 2017 to 2018, the company’s profits increased by 46 percent. In addition, Samsung has sufficient capital to be able to invest in start-ups or AI technologies. According to the experts at Börse-Online, the price of the Samsung share (ISIN 881823) could rise from 700 euros to above 850 euros(Trade in the share now)

Tip: Shares in technology companies are in high demand.

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Which industries and areas will be trending in 2018?

Most analysts, experts and banks are certain that technology, raw materials, IT and communication technology, health, and energy are the most lucrative sectors when it comes to stocks and shares.

The subject of electro-mobility is becoming increasingly significant, as the example of the Volkswagen Group shows. This will also increase the demand for raw materials that are needed in the production of lithium-ion batteries. As a result, the share prices of manufacturing companies could go through the roof.

The above-mentioned examples of Symantec and Microsoft are just two of an enormous number of indications that demonstrate the enormous importance of the technology industry, both today and in the future. It is therefore no wonder that the shares of technology companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter and Netflix are bang on-trend in 2018.

Note: For best results, you should back shares in companies from the above-mentioned sectors.

In booming sectors, shares can rise in value at a rapid rate.

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