Ethereum – Close to 4000% in returns in 6 months

There are daily reports of record heights at Ethereum. Will Ethereum continue to rise? What do the experts say? Which Ethereum providers are the best? The following overview gives you the most important information.

Ethereum has been giving investors great joy for years.


Ethereum vs. Bitcoin – Who is better?

Ethereum has been the star among crypto currencies for months. On January 1, a unit cost a little more than 10 GBP, and almost six months it stood at 352.30 GBP already. This corresponds to a return of 3.388%. In comparison, the Bitcoin rate rose 455% in the same time. Nevertheless, an Ethereum unit (about 450 GBP) still costs significantly less than a bitcoin (nearly 6,500 GBP / current rate).


Will the Ethereum price continue to rise?

Many ethereum experts agree: Ethereum will continue to rise in the future as well. Ethereum is regularly referred to as the largest Bitcoin competitor, not least due to the rapid rate development. The following factors demonstrate why Ethereum investors could achieve better returns than Bitcoin investors:


Ethereum is more affordable

For many investors it has become too expensive to invest in bitcoins. There are doubts that prices above£ 4,000 can be justified. The Ethereum price (about £450  // current rate) is still significantly lower.


Faster than Bitcoin 

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum were developed as alternative payment methods. Ethereum offers the important advantage that transactions can be executed much faster. The speed advantage has resulted in Ethereum doing more transactions than Bitcoin within 24 hours.


Technically superior

Ethereum offers various technical functions. So-called “Smart Contracts” make it possible to conclude complete Ethereum contracts. Large corporations around the world are therefore currently investigating how Ethereum technology can be used in the future.


Experts regard Ethereum as vastly superior.


How do I trade Ethereum?

Over the last few years, many Ethereum providers have joined the market. Investing in Ethereum has never been so simple. 24Option has established itself as a particularly large and reputable provider. Ethereum can be traded simply and transparently on this platform. Since its founding in 2007, the provider has traded more than 5 million customers. Attention: Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Your capital is at risk.

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How do I find the best provider?

The perfect Ethereum provider is reputable and transparent. You benefit from fast and uncomplicated deposits and withdrawals and service in German. We compiled a list of the best Ethereum brokers in the following overview: