How and why you should be buying shares!

Nobody can afford to ignore the investment opportunities that shares represent, and there are several good reasons for this. When you purchase shares, your invested capital works doubly hard for you – you can profit from the increase in a company on the stock exchange’s value on the one hand, and enjoy the annual dividends that many shares yield on the other. We will show you in detail how you can buy securities, which shares are popular in 2018, and how to use a broker (top 10 brokers) to benefit from price gains on the stock market.

Many experts consider shares to be a profitable financial investment.

This is why you should get involved in share trading

Shares can be a profitable financial investment, and they hold many advantages. Experts are of the opinion that securities are substantially more profitable than savings books, MMAs (Money Market Accounts), fixed-term deposit accounts, and life insurance. Because of that finding a good broker is as difficult as finding a dating site (


Buy shares; invest your money in the share capital of the respective stock corporation. Should the company perform well and increase its profits, the share prices can rise and thus your money can multiply. After that, you can either sell your shares at a hefty profit, or continue to hold on to them.

With shares, you can earn money on both a short-term and a long-term basis. Experience shows that the most notable German securities on the DAX have more than doubled in value over the last 10 years alone. To get started with stock trading, you need only a small amount of capital and a securities account.

Tip: You can open a free account with an online broker (top 10 providers).

Traders can earn money through their shares appreciating in value.


Trading shares via an online broker

Unlike traditional banks, online brokers don’t have expensive branches or personal consultations on site. The costs saved by the providers are then passed on to their customers. It is for this reason that most online accounts can be used free of charge , meaning you can trade shares whilst incurring little to no fees. Using the trading platform, this can be done easily, quickly and conveniently, either at home or on the go.

These are the most important concepts that you should become familiar with:

  • Shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the electronic stock exchange Xetra, or on foreign stock exchanges.
  • Each share has an ISIN (international securities identification number), which you need for the purchase order.
  • You calculate the number of shares by dividing your investment capital by the securities price.
  • The broker (top 10 providers) executes your orders and processes the transactions on the stock exchanges.

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Which shares are trending in 2018?

Successful traders monitor and analyse the markets and can recognise trends. Following these recommendations will enable you to benefit from climbing share prices. The popular high-tech stocks of Amazon, Twitter and Google continue to be in vogue.

Despite the emissions scandal that the company is embroiled in, Volkswagen shares (ISIN 766403) are recommended by many experts. By the middle of the year, the security had regained a lot of lost ground, rising from 120 to 180 euros. In the eyes of investors, the main reason for this lies in the cool, calm plans of CEO Matthias Müller. By 2020, VW is expected to be the number 1 manufacturer of electric cars. Several analysts and experts, such as the “Bernecker Börsenkompass” and Barclays Bank, advise buying VW shares, and value each individual share at over 220 euros.

Tip: According to fund manager Jens Ehrhardt, the most lucrative sectors are energy, raw materials, IT, communications technology, health and technology.

Expert recommendations enable you to identify stock trends at an early stage.


Trading in shares – as simple as that

First, register with a secure and reputable online broker. Recommended brokers (top 10 providers) are regulated by an established regulatory body (such as the Cypriot CySEC) and protect customer funds by means of a high deposit guarantee.

  • Open a free account and make a deposit.
  • Use the WebTrader or install the trading software/mobile app.
  • Observe the markets. Make your own decisions or follow expert recommendations.
  • Buy your desired shares at their current price by placing purchase orders with your broker.
  • By holding the securities in your account, you can benefit from price gains and any eventual dividends.

Traders can earn money through rising stock prices.

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The easiest way to profit in the stock market is to register with a recommended online broker, such as 24Option. The official sponsor of Juventus, the Italian football club, will provide you with a free demo account to use. With it, you can try the professional trading software Meta Trader 4 at your leisure and free of charge.

After a simple registration procedure, you can make a deposit and trade in well-known shares, such as those from Facebook, IBM or Amazon. The broker will provide you with all the key trading instruments you need. With 24Option, you can use your computer, your smartphone and your tablet to trade in shares, all while paying neither commission nor deposit fees. You will benefit from an easily accessible and English-speaking customer support service, and you will also have access to a wide range of advanced training courses.

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