Bitcoins – How investors effortlessly turned into millionaires

Every day, we hear the reports of new records for Bitcoins. Will the Bitcoin continue to gain in value? What do the experts say? Which Bitcoin providers are the best? An overview of the most important Bitcoin information.

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Bitcoin-Investors are currently happy about dream returns.


How 256 GBP grew to 1.4 million GBP in a few years

Bitcoins appear to be unstoppable. The new currency has increased thousandfold in value in a short time span. Today, one Bitcoin is already worth 6.500 GBP. If you spent 256 GBP buying Bitcoins in the beginning of 2012, you can now rejoice in total profits of more than 1 million GBP.


Will Bitcoins continue to gain in value?

Many Bitcoin experts agree: The Bitcoin will continue to gain in value. The Harvard researcher Dennis Porto assumes that the Bitcoin can increase in value to 100.000 GBP over the next years. Now, one Bitcoin is worth around 7.000 GBP. If his prognosis proves correct, this will result in an expected return of 10.700%.

“Bitcoin is better than normal currencies” – Bill Gates

This quote is taken from an interview between Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the television station Bloomberg. In this interview, Bill Gates very positively evaluates the development of Bitcoin. He particularly explains the advantages of Bitcoin compared to common currencies.


Buying Bitcoins – how?

Many Bitcoin brokers have set foot on the market over the last years. Today, it is easier to trade Bitcoins than ever before. A particularly large and serious provider is 24Option. Here, you can easily and transparently buy and trade Bitcoins. The provider, founded in 2007, by now has over five million customers. Attention: Cryptocurrencies can widely fluctuate in prices and are not appropriate for all investors. Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Your capital is at risk.

Tip: You do not need a wallet. This is provided by 24Option.

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How can I find the best provider?

The perfect Bitcoin provider is serious and transparent. Look for fast and uncomplicated depositing and payout as well as German-language customer service. In the following, we have compiled an overview of the best Bitcoin brokers.