ETX Capital Binary – Binary Options Broker Test Report

Investing in shares is becoming more and more popular as businesses around the world go public. But not everyone, including some business men, can simply wander into a stock exchange and expect to earn profits straight away. There are so many public companies around the world to invest in that it’s hard sometimes to even get an overview of the current situation. This is why there are professional brokers to help, that require you simply to open an account in order to receive the best tips on buying and selling. For anyone interested in buying and selling shares in the hope of making a profit, an account with ETX Capital is definitely worth it.

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  • Great support with 24h-Hotline
  • Max Yield up to 100%
  • Many traning events and webinars
  • High amount of tradeable underlyings
  • Very userfriendly tradingplatform
  • Safety regulation at the FCA

ETX Capital Offers Secure Trading and Returns

SafetyFrom personal experience with ETX Capital, it’s clear that the company provides a secure and reliable way to trade quickly and precisely. This helps the investor to stay up-to-date with all purchases and sales relating to their own portfolio. The minimal trading amount of 10 punds means that everyone has to chance to invest their money wisely and prevent traders from having to lose large amounts of money with a single investment. The investors are always listened to and trading can be done at any time thanks to the 24-hour hotline provided. Investors of binary options can expect to see a return of up to 85% by opening an account with ETX Capital. What is more, having an account with the British broker lets you trade in both binary options, as well as CFD and Forex. That means that you won’t have to constantly open new accounts if you’re interested in investing in more than one area. You just have to switch between your own account without having to enter and verify your registration information more than once.


Customer Service: Quick and Reliable

If you’re not so familiar with the world of trading in stocks and shares, then you’ll of course need to have the perfect support to answer your questions. This SupportBritish broker has recognized the need for such a system and offers different means of support to ensure that there is no misunderstanding when dealing with difficult financial vocabulary. It makes common sense that its more helpful to deal with customers’ problems in their own language. This service is available to both new and old customers, with new customers only having to be aware that questions regarding opening a new account can only be dealt with during business hours. It’s also possible to send the customer support post, in case you aren’t able to get to a telephone. There is also an FAQ page on the website, with answers to the most commonly asked questions. Unfortunately, there is no live-chat function available but the 24-hour hotline provides a nice alternative.


Serious Data Security

SafetyEven though ETX Capital places a large emphasis on transparency, as seen on the company’s website, it doesn’t mean that you should automatically assume the same is for customer data. The company deals with customer data as securely as financial transactions. The company’s transparency means that you don’t have to worry about being confused by corporate jargon or confusing messages. Every bit of legal information is easy to find on the company’s website, whether it’s to do with the terms and conditions or risk awareness. There’s also an intentional emphasis on data protection and other security measures, both presented in a clear and easy to understand way. Data, which the customer submits, is only used to administer your own account and not given to any third parties. Your finances are also safe with the British company, as the British Financial Authority is one of the strictest in the world, which means that each customer will have up to £50,000 protected. An additional security measure is the separation between customer money and business assets. The administration of customer finances is done via both British and German banks.


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Max Yield100%
Min. Trade£10
Min. Deposit£100
DepositCreditcard, Sofortbanking, AmericanExpress, Skrill, Giropay, Neteller

Opening an Account is Seamless

WelcomeYou won’t only be able to open an account with this company, you’ll also be able to choose between four trading platforms, which are shown to you during the registration process. You’ll also be able to choose your trading platform together with the hotline support, so that you’ll know which platform is best suited for your own personal needs. The company also doesn’t require you to deposit a minimum amount to open an account and any deposits you do make can be done via a simple bank transfer, credit or debit card. No other pay methods are available at this time. Withdrawals are only made by customer request and only made to a pre-existing bank account. Withdrawals to credit cards are not available at this time.


Learn the Ropes with the Demo Account

BaselineThe company offers all customers a chance to try out a demo account, helping newcomers learn the ropes without having to worry about losing their own assets. Nothing can go wrong and you won’t lose anything while you’re learning how to navigate around the chosen platform. This offer is only available for 14 days, but within this time frame, you’re able to access the demo account as little or as often as you wish. For those who have developed a strategy, you can use this time to test its effectiveness via the demo account. Newcomers aren’t the only ones offered learning materials, as even more experienced traders can benefit from training events and webinars. This gives customers the chance to get an overview of the range of offers available to them, while also expanding their own knowledge at the same time.


ATradingccessible On-The-Go and Long-Term Options Available

ETX Capital provides an app to all customers to use on iOS and Android smartphones, allowing them to access their account and their relevant information. This means that a customer can assess their portfolio and trade from anywhere. There’s even a chart feature, which provides a simple analysis of specific charts, meaning that those who are constantly moving won’t be at a disadvantage. You’re able to constantly organize and deal with raw materials, currency and over 3,000 shares at all times. ETX Capital also doesn’t just limit itself to 60 second trading, but also enables investment in long-term options. These options can have a duration of up to a year and is definitely something worth mentioning.

ETX Capital provides a large amount of security while delivering big profits and returns at the same time. The platform is simple, fast and uncomplicated for all customers. It’s the company’s motto to provide a secure service and they have succeeded in delivering just that. This is as simple as it gets for the customer to invest their money in shares and aim for a profit.