eToro – Trading stocks

eToro was founded in January 2007 and is one of the oldest brokers in the industry. The reputable stockbroker has its headquarters on the island of Cyprus and is therefore subject to the strict CySEC regulations. Client deposits are secured against loss through the deposit insurance. The leading social trading platform, eToro, offers both inexperienced and professional traders an intuitive and web-based platform for trading shares.

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  • one of the oldest and most experienced brokers
  • certified by CySEC and regulated under EU laws
  • a trading platform that is easy to understand
  • large selection of shares (Netflix, Apple etc.)
  • Easy payments via PayPal, Kreditkarte & BankTransfer

Stocks are volatile investment products. Your capital is exposed to risk.


General information about eToro

The renowned broker is a pioneer in many areas and offers customers a wide range of shares, commodities, currencies, and other investments. In addition to the world ‘s first social trading platform and the innovative CopyFunds, it has offered trading on the stock market since 2013 and  cryptocurrencies since 2017. eToro is ideal for everyone, whether beginners, experienced traders, or professionals. The EU-based broker is one of the most respected service providers in the industry and must adhere to stringent European regulations. It has over 4.5 million traders who value and take advantage of eToro’s diverse range of trading options. Thousands of shares can be traded conveniently and at low fees thanks to the comprehensive and easy-to-use platform. In addition to the web-based trading platform, eToro also has mobile apps for Apple and Android.

eToro customers can enjoy the benefits of a large selection of trading offers.


Trade offers & fees

Traders can trade numerous assets safely, easily, and effectively through the eToro investment network, the largest in the world. The diverse selection includes shares from all renowned companies such as Google, Twitter, Tesla, Facebook, and Amazon. Trading is possible with as little as 25 euros, which also makes the broker ideal for smaller investors. The fees are more than fair and are very low compared to the competition. Spreads are charged at only 0.09 percent and the amount thus depends on the shares. eToro does not charge management or ticket fees nor does it ask for rollover fees.

Besides the classic trading in shares, the ground-breaking Social Trading feature also offers traders automatic trade signals. The publicly visible signals allow beginners to learn easily from the professionals. eToro has a particularly attractive leverage ratio of 400:1 and provides traders with many practical functions. Features such as “Take Profit ” and “Stop Loss” help minimise losses. To open an account, one needs a minimum deposit of 200 euros. Deposits and withdrawals can be done via bank transfer, credit card, Skrill, Neteller, and Webmoney.

eToro makes it possible to trade shares, commodities, and currencies at low fees.


eToro platform

eToro’s trading platform runs directly on any browser. There is no need to install additional software. Customers simply need to log on to the to access the clearly structured user interface. The platform is easy to use and well-suited for beginners. It also meets the professional requirements of experienced traders and offers them diverse features.

It has a clear menu on the left-hand side, whereas the shares and their prices are displayed in detail in the middle. Users can search for any securities and purchase or sell these at the touch of a button. Besides the many useful features and charts, traders also have access to various community tools. The mobile version of the eToro trading platform runs on Android and Apple devices.

The trading platform is well structured and very easy to use.


Types of accounts & opening an account

A minimum deposit of 200 euros is required to open a real-money account with eToro. Opening an account is free of charge and only takes a few minutes. The account can be used to trade stocks as soon as the first deposit has been made. Traders simply need to use their access details to log on to the official website. In addition to the standard account, eToro also offers a risk-free demo account for uncertain or curious prospective customers. This can be used to familiarise oneself with the trading platform and the benefits of eToro – it has no time limit and no deposit is required. There are no other accounts with complicated and different functions.

Tip: The free demo account gives interested parties detailed insight.

eToro has many other benefits in addition to the free demo account.


Customer service and training opportunities

Traders can find questions and answers on all important topics in the Help Centre. The German-speaking customer service is available to users on phone 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday. Traders can also contact the support team via email or the live chat function on the eToro website.

eToro not only offers its customers numerous trade offers but also many training opportunities. In addition to the unlimited demo account, traders also have access to a large selection of videos, e-courses, and webinars. The training material is free of charge and ideal for beginners, advanced users, and professionals. The numerous training opportunities give all customers an opportunity to gain valuable experience and improve their trading skills.

eToro’s comprehensive range of training material speaks for itself!


In short

eToro is one of the best and most popular brokers for shares, commodities, and currencies. Since 2007, the renowned company has grown steadily and significantly expanded its comprehensive trade and training offers. Inexperienced as well as professional traders get to benefit from the wide range of stocks and low fees. The web-based platform runs on any computer and is also available as a mobile app. It is extremely easy to use and has numerous important features. eToro is very impressive across the board and is one of the leading brokers in stock trading.

Stocks are volatile investment products. Your capital is exposed to risk.