The 5 Best Stock Trading Broker 2018!

Shares – flexible, effective, and lucrative investment

Classical investments, such as savings, daily, and fixed term accounts, have become obsolete due to low interest rates and high costs. Cryptocurrencies and other risky investments are too volatile and result in total loss in the worst case. Shares have remained an extremely popular and lucrative investment for many decades. When it comes to trading of securities, anyone can join since there are very few requirements.

Shares have many advantages:

  • large selection of securities
  • many well-known companies
  • low investment costs
  • low fees
  • flexible & transparent
  • suitable for both short-term and long-term investments

Make money with shares and gain financial security

Many people dream of earning enough money to never have to work again. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and many more have already fulfilled their dream. They bought shares from companies like Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Netflix many years ago. Over the years, prices exploded and the shares turned the investors into millionaires and billionaires. You too can become rich without a time machine through shares. You only need to invest some money and time. With a bit of luck, the securities can make you financially independent within just a few years. Since you can sell the shares at any time, you are always flexible. Before you can start trading shares, you must first choose a broker.

What should you consider when choosing a broker?

A stockbroker serves as an interface between you and the stock exchanges. The broker provides a trading platform through which you can easily buy and sell shares. The great popularity of the securities means that you have to choose between a wide range of brokers. You can find the best broker for you based on a few important criteria:

Make sure that the broker is controlled by a regulatory authority e.g., CySEC or BaFin. Only opt for a safe, reputable, and experienced broker. Choose a stockbroker with a good reputation, a transparent cost model, and low fees.

Stock trading is possible using a PC or a mobile device. The choice of the broker determines the platforms that you use. Some brokers offer software programs that must be installed on your computer whereas certain trading platforms run directly on the browser. Professional platforms, such as Meta Trader 4, are ideal for both beginners and professionals. They have many features and are easy to use.

Step by step guide to trading shares via a broker

  • choose a safe, reputable, and affordable broker
  • create a new account with the broker
  • verify your trading account
  • make a deposit
  • install the trading software or open the platform on your browser
  • search for suitable shares
  • buy the shares you want
  • hold the securities
  • sell the shares at a profit

That's how easy it is to make money by trading shares

Trading shares through a broker is relatively easy. You can choose securities from all well-known companies. Simply open an account within minutes and start trading immediately after you make the deposit. Recommended brokers, such as eToro, are reputable and safe. The experienced broker is characterised by the large selection of securities, low fees, and a user-friendly interface.

Trading stocks is risky. Your capital is endangered.

Stocks are speculative. Your capital is endangered.