Invest in gold - safe and easy!

Crisis-proof and stable in value: the best way to invest in gold

Gold has always fascinated people. In the early history of mankind, gold was mainly used for jewellery or ritual objects due to its lustre and composition. Long before artificial currencies were printed in the form of bank notes, gold was THE means of payment. With us, you will find the best broker with whom you can invest in gold successfully.

Gold – The crisis-proof investment

Gold may no longer be an everyday means of payment but for its owner, it means financial security. Since it is a rare commodity, its value has a high degree of stability, potential to increase, and is therefore crisis-proof.

It is precisely this crisis-proof characteristic that makes gold so interesting for investors. Unlike gold which has limited reserves, conventional currencies such as the euro, US dollars, etc. can basically be reprinted at will by the respective central banks. This is exactly what happens regularly and results in annual inflation – i.e. the loss in value of money. And when money loses value, goods and services bought with that money become more expensive – a trend that is particularly evident in the constantly rising prices in the supermarket.

Gold is in full trend again

Today, more and more people are feeling the effects of inflation and wondering how they can make themselves more stable financially. The answer is: invest in gold – because Gold is not affected by rising inflation rates.

However, many investors still shy away from buying gold, either because they do not know how best to invest in gold or they have the image of the greedy gold trader in the corner shop, who offers his customers bad prices to make huge profits.

The best way to invest in gold

Buying physical gold from a gold dealer has one big disadvantage. It must be protected from burglars. Buying gold online offers this protection and is also fast, easy, and usually much cheaper. You need not be afraid of robberies or burglars because you’ll never carry your gold around with you or store it at home. Instead, you get to keep track of your gold stock safely, easily and conveniently online!

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Anyone looking for a crisis-proof investment should consider investing in gold. Its value has approx. tripled over the last 20 years (1998 – 2018). And this despite the fact that the share price was even higher in 2011 and 2012 than it is today. But it is in times like this, times of imminent crises (natural disasters, wars) and permanent inflation, when the value of gold tends to increase further, with the value expected to rise significantly over the next 10 years. Nevertheless, it is important to note: CFD trading is risky and can lead to a total loss.

Tip: Choose a reputable broker to invest in gold online e.g., 24Option

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